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Today's Top Stories // Aug 28, 2012

The Samsung Galaxy S III Is Now Available In Brown, Red, Black And Grey

Every once in a while a press release comes by that overflows with needless bullshit. Like this one from Samsung. The story is described in the headline above:... read more

NPD: Apple Customers Love The Genius Bar, Mostly Because Service Is Free

If you own an Apple product, chances are you've paid a visit to the Genius Bar, the magical place in the back of an Apple store where your broken iThings get... read more

Rackspace Acquires Mailgun, A Y Combinator Startup That Gives App Developers An API For Creating And Managing Online Mailboxes

Rackspace has acquired Mailgun, a San Francisco-based Y Combinator startup that has developed an API for creating and managing online email inboxes for apps and... read more

Patent Case Aftermath: Samsung Down By $12B (And Still Slumping) While Apple, Nokia, RIM All Gain

We still have to wait and see how the jury's ruling against Samsung over Apple patents will play out for the company in terms of actual fines, injunctions --... read more

Garmin Announces Thinner, Lighter Garmin 10 GPS Watch

The $129 Garmin 10 is a new GPS watch by Garmin. Designed as a direct competitor to "grab and go" sport watches from Nike and Polar, the new watch offers... read more

The New iPhone Already Has An Android-Powered Clone

Psst. Yeah, you. Wanna buy a new iPhone? No, the new iPhone, the one that’s not out yet. It's not important how I got it, are you in or not?... read more

Motorola's Droid RAZR M 4G LTE Gets Detailed Ahead Of Official Unveiling

In case you hadn’t heard yet, next week is going to be a busy one for gadget fiends — Amazon’s got something brewing on the 6th, while Nokia and Motorola... read more

After Removal By Apple, Privacy App Clueful Returns Via The Web

Back in May, security company Bitdefender launched Clueful, an iPhone app that looked at the other apps on your phone and identified what they were doing with... read more

The Nexus 7 Now Enjoys Prime Advertising Real Estate On Google's Homepage

The iPad might have the bulk of the tablet mind share, but the Nexus 7 has The $199 tablet is now advertised on Google's homepage with an... read more

Death To The Restaurant Buzzer: NoWait Raises $2 Million For iOS-Based Waitlisting System

NoWait, a mobile waitlisting management service based in Pittsburgh, is announcing today it has closed on a $2 million Series A round of funding led by... read more


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